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China best Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon on sales
China best Party Confetti Cannon on sales
About Us
hunan c&l Co.,Ltd.

Boomwow Confetti is based in China, mainly manufacture and supply all variants of confetti products and many other creative party items. We have customers from 50+ countries, making us definitely one of the best party suppliers throughout the whole world.

Boomwow Confetti was founded in 2006, having now more than 50 in-house staffs for only sales/marketing/technician, which enable us keep making new products. All our customers are pleased with our high quality products, experienced & professional support/advice, efficient & quality service, continuous products innovation.

Our distributors are working tightly with us since we are no doubt the best and healthy brand, they have enjoyed being our distributors, and of course they earned great much money than ever. You are always welcomed to contact us for any distributor consultation. If in any case you can not be our distributor, we are also welcoming OEM orders. Boomwow Confetti is here at your service anytime, more importantly we are continuously equipping ourselves to keep leading position in market. And we are sure we can. Let’s win-win together.

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Customer Ever Said

These confetti cannons were perfect! Very easy to tell the difference between which ones were pink vs. blue b/c they had colored stickers on the bottom, and the amount of confetti provided by 2 cannons was more than enough for good pictures/videos of the gender reveal. -- Parker Jenkins

These were a lot of fun. There is SO MUCH confetti in each cannon so there is no way that your intended audience wouldn’t be able to see the color. -- Monique