OEM Colorful S Flow Nipple Baby Bottle Bpa Free 5oz

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HEORSHE
Certification: LFGB
Model Number: HOS19-02-001-S
Minimum Order Quantity: 24 pieces
Price: $5.81-$7.53/pieces
Packaging Details: paper carton pack
Delivery Time: 5-8days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 50000 pieces/month
Detail Information
Product Name: HEORSHE Baby Milk Bottle Color: Pink, Grey, White, Black
Usage: Baby Feeding Products Size: 160ml 240ml
Logo: HEORSHE Packing: Paper Box
Function: Feed Baby Fresh Milk Safely Keywords: Baby Silicone Bottle
Style: Fashiontable
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Baby Bottle Bpa Free 5oz


OEM S Flow Nipple Baby Bottle


OEM Baby Bottle Bpa Free

Product Description

HEORSHE wholesale price new arrival BPA free silicone 160ml 5oz new

born baby feeding bottle baby milk bottle for baby


- Mimics Natural Feeding

- Ergonomic Comfortable Grip

- Designed To Help Reduces Intake Of Gas, A Potential Cause Of Colic Or Spit Up

- Cap Allow To Easy To Remove

- Ideal For Combining Bottle Feeding And Breastfeeding

- Nipple Is 100% Silicone, Soft, Flexible And Designed For Optical Compression

- Easy To Assemble And Clean

- 5oz/160ML,S-Flow Nipple

8oz/240ML,X-Flow Nipple

- Max Heat-Resistant 180/356

- Silicone Material, BPA free

- Microwave And Top Rack Dishwasher Safe


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How often do baby bottles change?

Mothers all have the consciousness and habit of changing the milk bottle regularly.

So, how often should the milk bottle be replaced? The feeding bottle supplier shares for you:

Baby bottles also have a shelf life

At present, there are 3 types of baby bottles that mothers can buy, plastic bottles, glass bottles,

and stainless steel bottles. The milk bottles of 3 different materials have a different shelf life.

The shelf life of plastic bottles is 3-5 years, the shelf life of stainless steel bottles is 8-10 years,

and glass bottles have no shelf life and can be used for a long time.

However, the long-term use of milk bottles, the hygienic cleaning situation after reuse is far worse

than before, in addition to thoroughly disinfecting the milk bottles, repurchasing new milk bottles

will be more healthy and hygienic.


When should I replace the feeding bottle for my baby?

1. The bottle has passed the shelf life

Although there is no data at present to indicate what harmful substances will be produced after

the bottle expires, there will be hidden dangers of bacteria in the bottle after long-term use, both

inside and outside the bottle. For the sake of the baby's health, it is necessary to develop a good

habit of replacing the new bottle regularly, generally only once every 4-6 months.

2. There is a crack in the bottle

If there is a crack in the glass bottle, it is natural to buy a new bottle for the baby, otherwise,

it will easily hurt the baby. In addition, if the plastic and stainless steel bottles have scratches,

you need to replace the baby with a new bottle.

The scratch is a sanitary corner. Any cleaning method may make the bottle unhygienic,

and it will be more secure to replace the new bottle.

3. There is dirt inside the bottle

The dirt inside the bottle is not just the "black dirt" we imagined. Under the long-term foaming

of milk bottles, if the cleaning is not thorough, it is easy to form a layer of yellow material under

the accumulation of milk dirt, which is also an important "sign" that needs to be replaced with

a new bottle for the baby.


How many bottles are reasonable for your baby?

If the mother is breastfeeding her baby, you can prepare two bottles, one for the baby to drink water

and one for the baby. If the mommy is the "back-feeding mother" of the office worker,

you can also prepare an extra bottle and squeeze the milk into the bottle.The nipple of the bottle

should be changed frequently.The milk bottle has a period of use,so it's recommended to replace it in time.

The nipple is a consumable. After long-term use, it will become hard and spoiled.

The more disinfection times, the faster the aging rate.

Therefore, it is recommended to replace the silicone teether every 30 days,

and the latex nipple every 21 to 30 days. Similarly, if there is any damage, it should be replaced immediately.

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Over the years, we have been working on feeding products, selecting the most suitable products for

babies and parents. With our innovative and stylish products we strive to make the life of baby

and the proud parents as comfortable as possible.We are grateful to the multiple ambassadors around

the world, and they are together with us to fare forth the wonderful journey.

What it means to be an Ambassador?
HEORSHE seek ambassadors to share information about the science and safety behind what we do.
HEORSHE ambassadors will have the opportunity to represent our brand,
make an impact in their own community and gain insight on our latest product development.
How can we choose HEORSHE AMBASSADOR?
1.Person who exercises the power of judgment, conception or inference.
2. Person concerned about healthy baby feeding in products that they use.
Uses HEORSHE products for free and likes to tell the world about it!
100 AMBASSADORS NEEDED: Approved Brand Ambassadors will receive A baby feeding product package
from birth to 6 years old for FREE. Plus, be the first on the list to receive new products
and professional guidance and support from us for each of your baby development/GROWING stages.)
Would you like to help us to enrich the journey of HEORSHE?
Send a short presentation about yourself to us, We will answer your email within 24 hours.
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Will it be a bouncing baby boy? -OR- Will it be a beautiful baby girl?


HE OR SHE was inspired by wishes for our unborn baby. Even before we know if they will be a boy or girl,

we have hopes and dreams for them.You may have dreamed of helping her put on Barbie’s dress or

helping him assemble his new model car. Either of these realities would be unique and wonderful!

You wonder, who will they be? Amidst all your hopes and dreams for HE OR SHE, one thing is certain;

you expect them to grow up healthy and happy.

Boy or girl, each will receive unreserved care and affection from the parents.



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